Following government advice Early Years is closed until further notice


Below you can see feedback from some of the parents and carers who have attended the service since it became a permanent provision in 2018.

Carl and Amy





The training that I have received in the principles of ABA/VB has been outstanding.

The caring and gracious manner in which difficult issues have been discussed, the clear and concise manner in which information has been relayed both verbally and in writing, and the time for questions and case studies has meant that much of the information and many of the principles have been tried and tested with feedback and ongoing support provided.

Since attending BeyondAutism’s Early Years’ service, and by engaging in a structured graduated exposure to food programme, I have been able to successfully introduce a range of new foods and tastes into [my son’s] diet; that he is now willing to tolerate, taste and begin to eat. This enables me to work towards him developing a healthy balanced diet, that will promote his health, well-being and overall development.

I am very grateful to BeyondAutism’s Early Years’ service for the lifelong invaluable information and support that we have been able to access at a crucial point in [my son’s] life.


When we first started, [our daughter] (2 years) could not talk, she was making some noises but nothing that could be understood. Since joining Early Years’ her speech has improved a lot, we can understand what she says. After she started talking the team helped improve her speech further by helping her to pronounce words and letters she was having a hard time saying.

The most important thing for me has been to see and learn how to get her to focus on one activity and start getting her to communicate what she wants. Her social skills with other children have improved a lot. Without the advice I got I would not have been able to help develop [my daughter] to where she is now. Having the staff around and coming up with plans to help her meet targets has been a big help.