About Us

BeyondAutism Early Years is an educational service for children with autism and/or related communication disorders aged 15 months – 5 years. It provides families support and empowers parents/carers to be more confident in their own and their child’s ability.

Our Early Years’ service focuses on creating positive outcomes in social, emotional, cognitive and speech development. Each family begins from their own starting point and every intervention is individualised.

The Early Years’ Group runs Tuesday to Thursday during term times; mornings (9.30am - 12.00pm) and afternoons (1.00pm - 3.30pm). This is a free service developed for parents/carers to attend with their children aged 15 months – 5 years. The programme focuses on behaviours, relationships and developmental play, underpinned by ABA.

The School Readiness Group will run on Fridays during term times (9am - 3:30pm). These sessions are aimed at upskilling Learning Support Assistants and reducing behaviours that challenge to support the successful transition into mainstream primary school. The opportunity to attend the School Readiness Group is also available for children attending Early Years’ Group sessions as their next step towards transitioning to a mainstream primary school. If you’d like to register your interest or find out more information, please email earlyyears@beyondautism.org.uk or call 020 3031 9703.

The section also has information on the admissions process, our policies or safeguarding practices.