Early Years' Group

The Early Years’ Group supports families and empowers parents/carers to be more confident in their own and their child’s ability. It is for children aged 15 months up to 5 years.

We offer a flexible approach, with attendance designed to fit around the timetable and goals of each family. Children attend with their parents or carers so that the team can work with them on their child’s communication and engagement, and adults can learn skills and techniques to apply at home.

We focus on creating positive outcomes in social, emotional, cognitive and speech development – all tailored to the needs of the individual child and family. Our teaching is structured, with multiple learning opportunities embedded in play. Our methodology is underpinned by Behaviour Analysis, and forms part of an evidence-based approach that individualises teaching techniques around the needs and preferences of each child and family.

Our dedicated, interdisciplinary team – comprising of a qualified Behaviour Analyst, Speech Language and Communication Needs Teacher and Early Years’ Family Practitioners – enables us to offer parents support in understanding all areas of their child’s development.

We tailor teaching to the individual needs of the children and families that attend our service based on their goals and aspirations.

“When [my son] first started attending early years, he had no communication at all, he now says a number of words, makes lots of noises, often copies us and is learning how to use PECS….We are extremely grateful for all of the help and support that we have been given from BeyondAutism staff.”

- Early Years’ parent

To find out more about the Early Years’ Group, please contact the Early Years’ team on earlyyears@beyondautism.org.uk or 020 3031 9703 or take a look at our admissions process.

To see a full list of Early Years’ policies, visit our policy page.

Our Early Years’ service is funded entirely by donations and relies on the generous support of individuals and trusts. If you wish to support the service you can donate here.