School Readiness Group

The School Readiness Group is designed to support the successful transition of young children with autism into mainstream primary school.

Children with autism are four times more likely to be permanently excluded from school than any other child, with 60% of mainstream teachers feeling that they are inadequately prepared to teach children with autism.

Our School Readiness Group focuses on reducing barriers to education by upskilling Learning Support Assistants. We empower them to feel more confident with their pupils, provide training to ensure pupils with autism get the best education possible, and focus on promoting positive behaviour to prevent fixed term or permanent exclusions.

Learning Support Assistants will attend the training with their pupil and become skilled in giving enough support to enhance academic progress and develop independence, and in supporting behaviour for learning by using positive reinforcement and the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis.

The opportunity to attend the School Readiness Group is also available for children attending Early Years’ Group sessions as their next step towards transitioning to a mainstream primary school.

School Readiness Group Term Dates